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Black Moon was super early to the “rapping about skateboarding” game. This album kills it every time.

New Horizons

I am working feverishly on new projects with Tocco Creative.


We will be launching a new portfolio site soon. With that being said, Tocco Creative has become so much more than an avenue for design. We are in the beginning stages of something great, on the cusp of a new era for the web, and completely dedicated to sharing the entire experience along the way. If we wish to reach the full potential of the web then our practices must be transparent, and we believe in this whole heartedly.

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Ask questions. Give advice. Encourage innovation.

Happiness is in

observation of details.

Share discoveries.

"make your thing"

Jesse Thorn recently wrote an article on Transom.org

I’ve been giving an occasional lecture called Make Your Thing for the past couple years. It focuses on twelve independent creators who I really admire, and how they turned what they love into brilliant careers. Among the folks I talk about are Killer Mike, Kate Beaton and Jonathan Coulton - it’s a diverse group.”  -Jesse Thorn

Like most who read this essay (I high recommend it by the way), I was blown away. “Make Your Thing” makes familiar points on turning passion into a living. 

What I really took from this wasn’t “keep doing what you know how to do and eventually somebody will notice”, but rather “find a way to keep doing it differently until it becomes something brand new.” This is huge for me. 

I struggle with innovation every time I begin to make something. It’s the really hard part about bring creative. I constantly find myself thinking “this has already been done” or “why isn’t this as good as so-and-so”.There comes a point where we, as individual makers, have to stop looking at what everybody else is making, and begin pushing the limits of what we think we are capable of, and it is only then that we may truly discover ability, fervor, and innovation. 

Confidence is strange;

coming when you most need it,

leaving much too soon.

spinning the wheel

My plans for this blog are simple. Doing, sharing, discussing. 

Thank you,